Music video... NES style! Pato Pooh - Follow Me

Posted by Mike Amin On 10/19/2009
Via Kotaku

Another 8-bit marvel here - Swedish rapper Pato Pooh (badass hip-hop name) has given himself and his crew the old-school treatment in his video for "Follow Me". This guy has basically taken old NES games and re-appropriated them for the hip-hop world (i.e. putting a backwards baseball cap on the in-game characters). Drawing heavily from Mega Man, the video also makes call-outs to tons of other classic NES titles. The ones I spotted:

- Castlevania
- Contra
- Starfox
- Super Mario World (love Boo's bling)
- Duck Hunt
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Pac-Man
- Metal Gear (All your base are belong to us)
- Street Fighter
- Double Dragon
- ET
- Donkey Kong
- Mike Tyson's Punch Out
- Super Mario Bros.
- Superman
- Legend of Zelda
- Ice Climber
- Tetris
- Kirby's Adventure
- And of course, Pong

At 2:01 of the video a background appears but I can't figure out what game this is (I definitely recognize it though). Anyone have any guesses? Did I miss anything? Correct me in the comment section below.

I also caught a reference to "Chocolate Rain" at 2:59 when the video flashes to an 8-bit studio and the note "I move away from the mic to breathe in".

Pato Pooh - Follow Me:

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