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Posted by Mike Amin On 1/18/2011 2 comments
This is an living post that will be updated as I create new work. Both audio and video are below... I may add other stuff if I feel like it's worth showing at one point (don't hold your breath).

Music Videos

Royksopp - And The Forest Began To Sing

Bang Bang Eche - Beat Up The Children

Moby - Wait For Me

Bang Bang Eche - Nikee - Category winner, 1st place on

Audio Remixes

Just read a story on Eater about Czech McDonald's serving NY-themed burgers:

The menu looked like this:

Never mind that the burgers themselves had no relation to the NY locations they were named after - I figured "hell, if the Czechs get to enjoy vaguely NY-themed fast food, why can't us New Yorkers enjoy some Czech-themed fast food delicacies?"

Yes, why can't us?

Well now we can. I present to you the new "I heart Czech Republic" McDonald's menu! Sandwiches below...

Full menu

Red Army Angus Burger

"Juicy, strong, and powerful, just like Red Army. A fully loaded burger topped with fresh, crisp vegetables and our special Stalingrad Sauce(tm). You must share."

Southern Style Crispy Carp

"A holiday special! Enjoy an all-beef patty topped with, cheese, pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup and a full deep-fried Carp, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun, just the way they like it in the southern Carpathian Mountains. Why go fresh water fishing when you can enjoy the delicious taste of Prague’s canals with this exclusive sandwich!"

McKafka with Metamorpho-Specs

"Can you handle the beefy, delicious Kafkaesque taste in this burger? Comes with Metamorpho-specs(tm) for you to enjoy the existential dilemma of your sandwich transforming into a giant insect (always made with 100% premium exoskeleton)."

Slivovitz Sundae

"Enjoy the refreshing taste of traditional Czech plum brandy in delicious sundae form!*

*Not recommended before operation of a vehicle or heavy machinery. Proof of ID required for purchase."
Latest music video is up, folks - this one for Bang Bang Eche's track "Beat up the Children". YouTube and Vimeo links below...

Some exciting news: I've been shortlisted for YouTube Play's Guggenheim Biennial competition/showcase for the Bang Bang Eche video Nikee! They had over 23,000 submissions and have shortlisted only 125 for possible exhibit at the Guggenheim here in New York. Check it out here:

If it doesn't appear on the main page you can find the BBE video by clicking on "Sort By" and selecting 'Music Videos" - you'll see it in the list. Alternately you can sort by artist and see it under my YouTube username, "Stumbleman".

Some nice company on there as the video is being featured alongside established favorites like OK GO and Die Antwoord.

Take a look and spread the word! Video embedded here:

Came across this animated music video for Hermanos Inglesos' track "Wanderland". Nice to see creativity continues to trickle through despite the deluge of poorly-made music videos in recent years:

This animation style totally reminds me of the animal insanity from the 2003 Jaga Jazzist video for "Animal Chin":
TV shows haven't changed in half a decade. If one were to tune into their favorite sitcom or drama, chances are it would be in either a 30 or 60 minute format, including commercials. Thing is, that is just too long for a TV show. Writing for TV is difficult at the best of times, and when 22 minutes (a 30 minute show minus commercials) has to be filled with jokes, most of those jokes are bound to fail. Of course there are some rare exceptions like the excellent 90's show Seinfeld, but even Seinfeld has dull moments.

Imagine for a second a world where you don't have to sit through commercials and an entire show can be pushed out in an easily-digestible, focused, and compelling format. A world where writers aren't pressured to fill 22 or 48 minutes of content, and instead they can get to the true essence of a storyline and write fewer but funnier jokes. A world where you can watch more episodes of your favorite shows in a shorter amount of time. This world exists. And it's on the Cartoon Network during their nightly block of programming under the Adult Swim label.

Adult Swim has not only pushed the envelope with it's sometimes brilliant programming (Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job is probably the best show in the last 10 years and they are continuing that tradition with their spin-off Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule), but it has re-invented the TV show format. It airs many of its shows in an 11 minute format, uninterrupted by commercials (which air between shows). Amazing shows like Superjail benefit from this format because they are short bursts of TV goodness. They don't drag on, and there are no boring parts (there's no time).

This 11 minute format is so good, I have decided to apply it to the existing TV world. My hypothesis: that most TV shows airing today, whether a 30 minute sitcom or a 60 minute drama, can be compressed to 11 minutes and not only be just as good as the original length, but actually get BETTER. To illustrate, I went ahead and chose a random episode of Friends to use as an example, and I'd say the results speak for themselves. See below for my 11 minute cut of Friends: The One With The Cuffs.

I believe I've captured the essence of this episode by leaving in the funniest parts while ensuring the storyline is complete, without cheap editing tactics (I left the entire opening and end credits in - in fact, I've added a few special touches). I'd love feedback from the community on this one, especially Friends fans:

More 11 minute cuts are on the way, and this is just the first.

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