I posted this over on the Apple discussion boards and seem to have set some people off. I'm a huge Apple fan but I certainly don't criticize others when they are having software issues related to the OS. Just because Snow Leopard is working great for YOU, it doesn't mean it works for everyone... Some of these users seem to be taking my comments as a personal affront! Check it out here:



So Apple has come out with their latest OS, Snow Leopard. Also known as OS X 10.6, Apple touted this release as one offering a host of backend system improvements, but after installing it and using it actively for about two weeks, it seems like Apple has pulled a Microsoft and released what appears to be a beta version of Snow Leopard! Inexcusable bugs are appearing left and right, and the supposed "improvements" have actually hindered my computer performance and productivity…

This really surprised me. After years of releasing amazing OS upgrades that seemed to make the best OS even better, it seems like Apple has taken 2 steps back with Snow Leopard. I can't tell you how upset I was to realize I was experiencing many problems that I previously only saw on PCs.

After one of the many bugs popped up again on my computer, I got frustrated and started combing the internets for a list of known bugs in the OS and the inevitable slew of Apple users registering their disgust. Unfortunately, my search didn't turn up anything but positive reviews of the OS and very limited complaints on a few message boards. To this end, I'm posting this entry to try and help other users who are experiencing similar issues and hopefully get Apple to clean up this mess of an OS.

Below I've created (and will be adding to) a list of problems I've experienced in OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. I encourage everyone to list your Snow Leopard issues in the comments as well, in hopes we can create a master list of problems.

I am using a 2 GHz Black MacBook (Core 2 Duo) with 2GB of RAM. Keep in mind Leopard (OS 10.5) was running flawlessly on this more than capable machine. I am currently running the latest Snow Leopard build, 10.6.1. I upgraded 10.5 with the retail version of Snow Leopard, integrating my current apps into 10.6 (did not do a clean install). I've organized my issues below by application. This post is less about third-party applications and more about Apple apps/built-in OS features, as Apple is fully accountable for these pieces.


- Airport is now incredibly slow getting past the "searching" status message and into what was known as "scanning" status in 10.5 (now called "Looking For Networks…" status message). This issue occurs most often when I revive the computer from sleep. I have to turn Airport off and on again, then wait an inordinate amount of time to get past the useless "Searching…" message.

Volume and Sound:
- I rely on my volume control icon on the toolbar. I change my system volume dozens of times every day (due to my job) - previously, I could click the volume icon then simply roll the scroll wheel on my two-button mouse to adjust the volume. Now, I have to actually move my mouse down onto the volume slider area before my scroll wheel works! What gives? In allowing the user to fine-tune the volume levels, Apple removed this functionality for some reason? This is a real pain for me as the extra second it takes to do this really adds up by the end of the day.
- Sound now starts stuttering for no reason? When I wake my computer up from sleep and I have headphones or speaker plugged in, the audio stutters greatly. I have to unplug then re-plug my speakers or headphones to fix the issue! This is a problem I saw on many PCs due to sound cards not playing with Windows nicely, but was NEVER an issue I experienced using OS X.
- The Mac OS startup chime plays on my MacBook external speaker when I startup, even though I have speakers or headphones plugged in! It also does not matter if I had my system volume on mute when restarting - the OS seems to now decide what volume my system should be at when I start up!

- Defaults to 64-bit mode silently, and this breaks most plug-ins (my issue was with download manager iGetter, specifically). I had to manually Get Info on the app, then switch back to 31-bit mode, which it seems Apple has not designed Snow Leopard to support properly?
- Freezes and crashes more often, most often when running Flash video. This occurs when I open multiple videos on YouTube, for example.
- Hogging memory even more than it used to (1GB of RAM to run the app?? Really?)

- Apple seems to have completely removed the functionality or sortable sub-folder listings? For example, if I choose to sort my stack by "Date Modified", the initial list of folders in the stack appear by date, but all my sub-folders appear in Alpha order, and there is no way to change this! Come on Apple, why remove this?

- Freezes completely when I go to "Export…". My Export opens on the Facebook tab of the dialogue box, and it seems the issue occurs when iPhoto can't find the source image. Rather than an error message though, I get the color wheel of death.

- When I search from a Finder window, sometimes I get the new feature of sortable results columns to work, but sometimes I don't. Seems arbitrary when it works and when it doesn't.

System Preferences:
- More of an annoyance, System Preferences now has to restart the first time I click on any third-party preference in "Other". Some work, most don't.

- In previous OS X upgrades, Apple gave me the option to "Backup and Install". This option was not present on Snow Leopard, so not sure what a user can d if they do not have a Time Machine backup and their install fails.

- Preview slows down considerably when opening multiple files.


- Entourage froze up when I tried to simply delete one of my email accounts. The Accounts window went blank and the application froze.

- Slower than ever, Photoshop is running at a snail's pace.

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