Just read a story on Eater about Czech McDonald's serving NY-themed burgers:


The menu looked like this:

Never mind that the burgers themselves had no relation to the NY locations they were named after - I figured "hell, if the Czechs get to enjoy vaguely NY-themed fast food, why can't us New Yorkers enjoy some Czech-themed fast food delicacies?"

Yes, why can't us?

Well now we can. I present to you the new "I heart Czech Republic" McDonald's menu! Sandwiches below...

Full menu

Red Army Angus Burger

"Juicy, strong, and powerful, just like Red Army. A fully loaded burger topped with fresh, crisp vegetables and our special Stalingrad Sauce(tm). You must share."

Southern Style Crispy Carp

"A holiday special! Enjoy an all-beef patty topped with, cheese, pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup and a full deep-fried Carp, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun, just the way they like it in the southern Carpathian Mountains. Why go fresh water fishing when you can enjoy the delicious taste of Prague’s canals with this exclusive sandwich!"

McKafka with Metamorpho-Specs

"Can you handle the beefy, delicious Kafkaesque taste in this burger? Comes with Metamorpho-specs(tm) for you to enjoy the existential dilemma of your sandwich transforming into a giant insect (always made with 100% premium exoskeleton)."

Slivovitz Sundae

"Enjoy the refreshing taste of traditional Czech plum brandy in delicious sundae form!*

*Not recommended before operation of a vehicle or heavy machinery. Proof of ID required for purchase."

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