8-bit music video - No Escape! by Arman Bohn

Posted by Mike Amin On 8/10/2009
On the topic of compelling music videos, check out this one for No Escape! by Arman Bohn:

Of course, this has been done before (very, very well, I might add), by Junior Senior for their hit Move Your Feet:

But there are a couple of things I appreciate about Arman Bohn video: first, the graphics were created by Bohn himself - nice artwork. Second, the video was developed with almost the OPPOSITE approach of our friends Linkin Park for their vid New Divide, as detailed in a previous post. Bohn has taken something gloriously low-res and created a simple, effective piece of art. With the upcoming Tron sequel, the storyline is very a propos. Come to think of it, the "living things inside your video game" kind of reminds me of the old all-CG kids show Reboot. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Didn't think so.

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